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Image location on the ramp at the National Naval Air Museum before restoration
See Robert Fiacco's painting at the bottom of this page.
The Endowment

    November 14, 1910 is considered by many to be the birth date of Naval Aviation.  On that date, Eugene Ely made the first take-off from the USS BIRMINGHAM, landing ashore minutes later near the future site of Naval Air Station Norfolk, VA.  Exactly 100 years later, to the day, the Patrol Squadron Two Association informed the National Naval Aviation Museum in Pensacola, FL of its intention to sponsor the most historically significant patrol aircraft ever flown…the museum’s P2V-1... the Truculent Turtle.  Sponsorship of the Truculent Turtle entails funding for restoration and future upkeep of this historic aircraft, which was destined from the production line at Lockheed, Burbank for assignment with VP-ML-2, a forerunner designation of  Patrol Squadron Two (VP-2).  When P2V-1, BuNo 89082, became The Turtle, its intended service with the Navy changed forever.

An endowment for the continued restoration and maintenance of the Truculent Turtle in excess of $52000 was donated to the Naval Aviation Museum Foundation at the the Fort Worth Patrol Squadron Two Association reunion in October 2012. The Foundation   was represented by its Vice President for Development and Corporate Secretary, Capt Charles E. "Ed" Ellis, Jr., JAGC, USN(Ret).  In addition to thanking the members of the Patrol Squadron Two Assn and others who contributed to the Truculent Turtle endowment, he remarked that the funds raised in this effort are dedicated solely to the support of this singularly historic aircraft.

    What makes this a singularly historic aircraft.  In short, this aircraft eclipsed the best heavy load distance record for a non-stop non-refueled flight set by the USAF by more than 2000 miles.  OK - so what?  1946 was a time when the USAF was about to become a separate service, and they were actively pursuing the control of all land based aviation platforms with plenty of support in Congress.  Thus the flight of the Truculent Turtle amply demonstrated for all to see that land-based multi-engine Naval Aviation was superbly capable of performing naval oriented missions requiring long ranges and heavy loads; leading to the continued existence of our ocean reconnaisance and anti-submarine warfare capabilities.
(as of 02Nov2012)

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Image of the Truculent Turtle Painting, donated by Robert Fiacco 2011
(click on the image for a larger version)

The artist in his element