Vincent Deitchman

1952-1953   LCDR; PPC Crew 7;  Operation IVY 1952;  Kodiak deployment 1953.

Dec 1953 - Jun 1956   Naval Air Test Center, Patuxent River, Maryland.  Test Pilot Training, Class 12 and Service Test Division Test Pilot for P5M-2, P2V-7 and the
R3Y Tradewind (8 engine turboprop - counter rotating propellers) seaplane.

Jun 1956 - Mar 1958   USS Antietam CVS-36;  Air Operations Officer and Nuclear Weapons Deployment Officer.  Started on World Cruise for ASW.  Reached Holland when 1956 Hungarian Revolution began.  Antietam and Air Crew were diverted to Mediterranean Sea to support operations.  (End of planned World Cruise.)   On completion of deployment returned to Quonset Point, RI.  Antietam received orders to become the Training Carrier at Pensacola, Fla.

April 1958 - April 1959   VP-9 Executive Officer;  PPC Crew 4
April 1959 - April 1960   VP-9 Commanding Officer;  PPC Crew 1

1960 - Results of first Advancement to Master Chief Petty Officer and Senior Chief Petty Officer were announced and VP-9 had 2 new Master Chiefs and 1 new Senior Chief.  A big day for VP-9 and the 2 new "Super" Chiefs.
May 1960 - Jun 1963   Staff, Chief of Naval Operations, Research and Development OP-07, Pentagon, Washington, DC.  First year managed ASW air programs.  Pushed development of the P3 as replacement for P2, infrared sensors, improved sonobuoys, MAD.  Replaced unmanned DASH helicopter for Destroyers with manned Helos.  Years 2 and 3 - managed variety of air programs including TPN-30 radar for carrier air control and carrier controlled approach, shipboard GCA, steam catapults and arresting gear, and automatic carrier landing system.

July 1963 - Apr 1965   Chief Staff Officer, Fleet Air Wing 3 at NAS Brunswick Maine.   Responsible for Navy Moral Leadership Program and reenlistment program for FAW-3.

Apr 1965 - Oct 1967   Attended C130 flight training at Seward Airforce Base, Tenn.  Qualified as C130 aircraft commander and reported to Military Air Lift Command, Moffett Field, California as Commmanding Officer VR-8.  VR-8 was known as the "White Hat" squadron as there were more than 2000 white hats assigned.

October 1967 - Retired from US Navy in Nov 1967.  Then until May 1983 - Lockheed Missle and Space Systems, Sunnyvale, CA as a Logistics Specialist for the Fleet Ballistic Missile Program.

Wife Dorothea; married 62 years.  Six children, 3 living; 7 grandchildren; 8 great grandchildren.