Patrol Squadron Two  1958 - 1962

Born in Natick and raised in Norwood Massachusetts, joined the US Navy on 27 September 1957.

Naval Career:
1957 -  Boot Camp, Great Lakes, IL
1958 - Airman Fundamental School, Norman OK.  Dropped out, considered a wise guy,
sent to the Fleet.  Arrived San Diego to await further orders!
1958 - Assigned to Patrol Squadron Two NAS Whidbey Island in February.
1958 - 1962:  VP-2 NAS Whidbey Island. First assigned to the Line Crew, then to the Ordnance Shop.  Flew with LCDR Ace Beydler, Crew 11 and LT Dick Seng, Crew 6.
1962 - AO "II' School Jacksonville, FL.
1963 - 1964:  Weapons Dept.  NAS North Island
1965 - 1968:  Patrol Squadron 17,  NAS Whidbey Island
1969 - 1971:  VA-122 NAS Lemoore, CA.  Weapons Loading School, Leading Chief.
1971 - 1975:  VA-196 NAS Whidbey Island A-6 Intruder Squadron, USS Enterprise.
1975 - 1978:  Commander Medium Attack Wing US PacFlt. NAS Whidbey Island.; Advanced to Master Chief Aviation Ordnanceman, May 1978.
1978 -  1981:  VA-165 NAS Whidbey Island. Assigned as Command Master Chief, USS Constellation.
1981 - 1987:  Commander Medium Attack Tactical Electronic Warfare Wing, US PacFlt, at NAS Whidbey Island, Weapons Chief and Nuclear Safety Officer.
Retired 01 December 1987 - What a Ride!!

Post Retirement:
1987 -1991:  Hired by VSE Corp. Camarillo, CA on contract with Pacific Fleet Missile  Test Center Pt. Mugu, CA to perform Air Launched Training for A-6 and EA-6B Weapons Systems.  Assigned to the A-6 Wing NAS Whidbey Island.  Budget reduction caused end of contract.
1992 - 1995:  Attended Skagit Valley College for an Associates Degree in Human Services.
1995 - 1998: Worked with Service Alternatives of Wshington with the Developmentally Disabled.  After knee replacement I resigned.
1998 -  Present:  Volunteer for the Disabled American Veterans Chapter 47, as a driver for the Van Transportation system, transporting veterans to the Seattle VA Regional Hospital.  Served as Commander of the Chapter for two years.  Received training as a Chapter Service Officer, and spent the last ten years filing claims and assisting veterans and their dependents.
1962 - 1990:  Married to Helen and raised seven children; she died of cancer.  We have 22 Grandchildren and 15 Great Grandchildren.
2001 - Present:  Married to Dorothy, who raised two children and has 8 Grandchildren.

You do the math, that brings us up to 45 Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren.
We will never die rich!!
Dorothy served in the US Navy for 2½ years as a Dental Technician.